Condensing Boilers.

Condensing Boiler

Around one quarter of Britain’s carbon monoxide emissions originate every year from the energy we use to heat and light our homes.

It’s because we burn fossil fuels (gas) to produce that energy. And over time the resulting waste gases do add to the effect of global warming.

To a degree just changing an older style boiler to a new conventional or combination boiler (around 80% efficient) is a big step in the right direction, any boiler over 15 years old is inefficient (approximately 50% efficient), wasting natural resources and your money.

But if you feel that you want to make a positive statement; you’d like to really reduce emissions and your gas bill you may want to consider a ”High Efficiency Condensing Boiler” (around 91% efficient).

Yes it is a little more expensive initially. But you’ll gain in the long term when you notice that your fuel bill has been reduced substantially. In some homes more than one third.

For an example if you have decided on a ”Combination boiler” Vaillant Turbomax 828 E, you could upgrade to the Vaillant Ecomax 828 2E ”Condensing boiler”, the radiators and hot water will have the same heat up time and flow except the standard combination boiler (Vaillant Turbomax) will be around 80% efficient and the condensing combination boiler will be around 91% efficient.

But it has to be mentioned, these boilers need to have a lot of thought when it comes to the position of the boiler and the flue, this is because there is a large amount of ”Pluming” (steam / water vapour) which comes out of the flue outside, consideration needs to be taken regarding neighbouring properties and boundary lines. We can survey your property and help you to decide the best place for your condensing boiler.


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