Solar water heating systems are used alongside your conventional water heater. Utilising the sun’s heat; they can produce nearly all of your required hot water in the summer, thus reducing the energy used and carbon emissions created.

Solar energy is caught by a solar panel which is connected by pipes to a hot water storage cylinder or similar facility. The hot water stored can then be used in domestic hot water supply, caravans, swimming pools and more. The success of the system ultimately depends on: your budget, your location, and your existing water heating system.


The solar panels are attached to your roof, and it must be on a 2-4m² of southeast to southwest facing roof receiving direct sunlight for the main part of the day. Ideally it should be on a pitched roof so that it is on a good angle. A standard central heating pump will force water through a coiled pipe within the solar panel, this is heated by the sun and then flows down through a lower coil in the hot water cylinder. The hot water in the coil consequently heats the water in the cylinder and the water is then sent back by the pump to the solar panel.

The system’s controller box constantly measures the panel temperature against that of the hot water cylinder. The pump is switched on when the panel water temperature is higher than that of the cylinder. At any time when you’re hot water cylinder is adequately hot, the boiler will stay switched off thus saving fuel and money. It should be noted that some combi boilers are not suited to solar heating systems.

Despite most people’s worries, solar panelling responds to the sun’s radiation, not the sunshine, so it works even on overcast days. Inevitably however, it is most effective during the summer, and will need the greatest amount of back up from your existing boiler during the grey winter days. Be aware however, that solar water heating is designed only for water heating, not radiators.


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